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Sultanate of Oman, Liwa



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Welcome To Pioneer Solutions

OUR productS


Our team of Engineers and technicians offer electrical, mechanical, preventative and reactive maintenance across a broad spectrum of industries within the region. Our Service Teams provide routine scheduled maintenance and urgent emergency repairs. We also specialize in providing teams of Engineers who are capable of carrying out alterations or extensions to existing systems at short notice.    Maintenance contracts are made-to-order according to your individual needs that may range from an annual service visit to permanently-manned sites. Service agreements cover all types of Fire Protection and Detection Systems. 



Fire Alarm System

We supply a full range of Addressable & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems that include smoke sensors, flame sensors, heat sensors, UV/IR sensors, manual call points, high output sounders & flashers etc...  Our products vary from simple analogue systems to sophisticated fully integrated solutions for major buildings  and industrial installations. 


Carbon Monoxide Detection System

We provide a complete range of carbon monoxide detection systems which are most commonly used in closed car parking areas. Our CO detectors alert you of elevated levels of carbon monoxide using an electrochemical CO sensor, which is the most accurate technology available.  Sensors with a ceiling or a wall mounting type are available. The detectors available have a maximum of a 3 zone control panel, which can serve up to 32 devices in each zone.   


Fire Extinguishers

All fire extinguishers supplied by Pioneer Solutions are certified by international standards. We have kite marked & wheel marked extinguishers for domestic & industrial usage. We supply portable & trolley type fire extinguishers with stored pressurized & cartridge type which can be used in all types of fires. Our product range includes WATER, AFFF FOAM, "ABC" DRY POWDER, CO2  and WET CHEMICAL fire extinguishers etc... Our engineers are trained to ensure that the  equipment is fitted in the correct location and is ready for action. We also offer Fire extinguisher repair & maintenance.   


Sprinkler System

We offer Installing and maintaining of all types of standard wet/dry quick response sprinklers with UL/FM approval. We deal with, upright, pendent, side wall concealed recessed type sprinklers with various temperature rating and different finishing like, chrome and brass finishing.


Fire Suppression System

Our services range includes gas based fire Suppressions System with different gases, like, HFC 22, NOVEC, FM 200, INERT GAS, CO2 etc... with low pressure and hit pressure systems. All products are approved by LPCB/BSI/VDS/ UL/FM etc..   


Foam System

We install and maintain fire suppression foam systems mostly used on class B hydrocarbon fuel fires. The foam system rapidly coats the fire preventing its contact with oxygen. The foam then expands causing the fuel surface to cool down and stopping flammable  vapors from releasing. 


Fire Hydrants

 We offer installation and maintenance of Dry & wet type underground fire hydrants with a complete connection, piping and accessories. In addition, we have ENOR, ROP, PAEW approvals all available.


Fire Pump Set

 We have a complete range of fire pump sets with UL/FM & NFPA approvals. Our range of pump sets are available from 50 us gpm up to 5000 us gpm, in different types as -Horizontal end Suction, Horizontal split case and vertical turbine types. We offer fast on site installations and easy piping arrangements. 


Fire Hose Reel, Dry/Wet riser System & Fire Cabinets

We provide a range of fire hose reels with manual & automatic function, dry/ wet riser landing valves, breaching inlet, fire hose and nozzles. Also we have cabinets for fire landing valves. Cabinets are manufactured in mild steel. Stainless steel depends up on the requirement in required measurement.


Valves & Nozzles

 Providing all kind of UL/FIM approved valves used for fire protection system. Alarm check valve, deluge valves, os&y gate valves, nrs gate valves, zone control valves, butterfly valves, test & drain valves, pressure reducing valves. Lock shield valves etc. Valves are available in different sizes and pressures   


Fire Doors

We offer a full range of fire doors provided from Bristol. The doors are manufactured with different materials like wood, glass, steel etc... The doors are available in different fire ratings from 30-120 minutes. Doors are approved by BM trade. Also UL listed doors are available.   


Emergency Exit Light System

All kinds of emergency lights with non-maintained & maintained type, exit lights with direction sign are available with us in most competitive feature & pricing.   



We offer all sorts of high quality personal protection equipment at competitive prices that will protect your employees against health or safety risks at work. It can include items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses and much more,,.